Women’s Hair Collection for Fall and Winter, Narciso!

We just came back from Italy with our new hair collection to feature this fall and winter.

In today’s world, it’s normal to spend endless hours scrolling through Instagram and online collections searching for a new and elegant hairstyle. Above all, keeping up with the latest fashion trends that suit us best is most important. It helps us refine our search and direct us to the right collections.

In everyday life, we are surrounded by photos and selfies, and we get an opportunity to reflect on beauty and fashion. Whether a change comes with hair color or getting a new haircut, a change will allow us to admire a new image of ourselves.

Hair is one of the most changeable parts of a woman. Hence Narciso, a hair collection of bourgeois charm and rebellious attitude, allows us to reflect on our image with an awareness that expresses itself through three trends capable of rethinking a new contemporary mood of the times. These trends are: #SweetCut; #Pob; #LongUp.

Sweet Cut

The first trend in our new hair collection for fall and winter is the Sweet Cut! The world of gentle and gentle shortcuts, universal and customizable based on the face. No extreme shaving, but free and elusive locks lend themselves to different interpretations of female beauty. The tuft becomes fluid and can be interpreted in three proposals: a maxi-tuft with a mysterious and refined taste, a sparkling and carefree fringe tuft, and a minimal and stylish garcons fringe. To each his own.


The second trend of our new hair collection for fall and winter is the Pob! Posh + bob, the elegant bob of celebrities like Victoria Beckham, reflects the woman with a contemporary flair: elegant and ethereal. Customizable length from the chin to the neck, and in some cases, up to gently touch the shoulders. The average length loved by all women for its ability to be reassuring, versatile and hyper feminine at the same time. The contemporary glamour is represented in the new version of the messy: evolutionary fusion between the smooth natural and
the vintage blur lived and crumpled as required.

Long (Up)

Finally, the third trend of our new hair collection for fall and winter is the Long(Up)! Long but not too much. The hair rests a little beyond the clavicle and touches, without ever reaching it, the breast giving us two options: one that celebrates the full and horizontal lines, the other those that are fashioned and vertical. In the first reign supreme sense of fullness that you want to transmit, thanks to the scalings played and only visible laterally, respecting the full body of the haircut. In the second, a wild, multi-layered and light, 70s-inspired scaling, combined with a fringe dentelè, gives us vertical peaks that sway lighter.

Dallas Hair Salon

These three trends from our Italian hair collection allow the hairstylists at Gioia Hairdressing to give each and every client a customizable look that showcases their upmost beauty. Don’t wait around for Narciso! These hairstyles for Fall and Winter will bring out your beauty even more. Contact us today to inquire about booking an appointment.