Updos that are fashionable for work.

We all know how daunting it can be when we have to get up and get ready for work. Most women go through similar morning routines between their morning skin care , makeup, picking out clothes, and trying to figure out what to do with their hair. There never seems to be enough time. Instead of leaving the house feeling unsatisfied with your hair, try these 3 fashionable updos that are perfect for the work place.

The low ponytail

When you need to get your hair away from your face and want to look all business, a ponytail is key! When styled the right way worn at the nape of the neck, a ponytail is a true sign of class. The simplicity of the ponytail brings attention to the rest of your look, that’s the key. The first step to a successful ponytail is to make sure your hair is frizz free. You’ll want to take a paddle brush and part your hair down the middle or to the side and brush it straight back to ensure a smooth style. Once all the bumps are gone, you will want to gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure a low ponytail.If you have any flyways left, take a small amount of wax or pomade and you will be ready to go!

The top knot

If you’re looking for something more fun, sexy and flirty than the ponytail, the top knot os for you. You will want to position your high bun in a place where its suits your face in the best way. This is the most important factor in perfecting the top knot. The goal is to find a spot on your head that is comfortable and secure but also shows symmetry. The top knot is gives your the looks and the smarts all in one hairstyle!

The Chic Chignon

For a super important meeting you might want to try something that screams classy. In this case you will want to go with one of the most sophisticated updos around, the chic chignon. Although the top knot is worn high at the top of your head, the chic chignon is worn at the center just above the nape of your neck. First you will need to find a product that will hold your hair in place for the entire day. The stylists at our Dallas hair salon recommend trying something like L’Oréal Professionnel’s True Grip. Next, gather your hair and secure a ponytail in the center of your head with an elastic hair tie. You will want to take the length and twist it around the ponytail that was just tied. Secure any flyaway hairs will bobby pins. Gently pull parts of your bun to separate and loosen your hair to get the shape you like best.

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Photo: @pixelformula