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shaving tips


Shavings tips that will get you the best shave at home:


  • 1. Always shave after a shower because heat and water reduce hair strength by two thirds. This will make shaving feel more smooth.


  • 2. Use a Pre-shave lotion to condition the skin allowing the blade to get a good ad hearten even on the skin.


  • 3. Use a good quality shaving cream that hold hot water on the face and no it a foam that only hold air on the face.


  • 4. You can use a shave cream without a brush, but you will always get a better shave when using a brush because a brush can pack the cream under the beard to make the hairs stand up more proudly.


  • 5. Pull, don’t push, your razor around the face. If you’ve weakened your beard, and conditioned your skin a blade can glide effortlessly around for face removing hair and dead skin. Pressing to hard can remove to much skin resulting in razor burn.


  • 6. When you’ve finished rinse your face with warm water clean the purse then cold water to close the pores. Pat, don’t rub, your face with a towel to dry it.


  • 7. Next, apply a good quality moisturizing after shave balm containing a toner. Alcohol is to aggressive a toner so opt for something like witch hazel.




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