It’s that time of the year where playing around with the flat iron couldn’t be any better. We are going to share with you how to get some attractive and effortless flat iron waves right here at our Dallas hair salon.

The Battle of The Bend!

So what’s the difference is curling your hair with a curling wand or a flat iron? Well, the difference is the shape. A curling iron is ideal if you’re looking for round curls and massive volume. However, if you’re looking for an effortless and beachy look, go ahead and grab that flat iron!

Get Control!

A great reason we recommended going for the flat iron is because you will have overall more control. No matter if you have a stubborn cowlick or just want your roots to look smoother, the flat iron will give you the control you need. You will want to smooth out your hair till about your cheekbone and then use your wrist to curl. This will give you some versatility and nice textures to get the flat iron waves you want.

Get The Look, Flat Iron Waves!

If your hair is naturally curly and you want to wear these smooth, you will want to blow dry your hair first to get that smooth texture. Next you will want to take your flat iron so you can easily transition from straight and smooth to curling your hair with the simple twist in your wrist. Finally, use a soft hairspray to apply some shine and hold your look in place.

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Photo: Pixelformula