Gioia Hairdressing, a tenured hair salon in Dallas, is excited to announce that it has joined Compagnia Della Bellezza, an exclusive group of Italian hair stylists.

Gioia Hairdressing will be adding the branding and services to their existing salon as they co-brand with Compagnia Della Bellezza, making Gioia Hairdressing the ultimate choice for a luxurious hair salon in Dallas.

Compagnia Della Bellezza has a network of approximately 300 salons around the globe. For more than 25 years, Compagnia Della Bellezza has supported and served clients of the hair and fashion world in their exclusive and unique way.

We are already a thriving and cutting-edge hair salon and this is going to take Gioia Hairdressing to the next level, ultimately enhancing our clients experience and delivering the highest quality of hair services a salon can offer. Learn more

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