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A Classic Hairstyle with an Updated Look!

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A Classic Hairstyle with an Updated Look!

The hair stylists at our Plano hair salon are going to teach you how to take the classic wavy Bob and tweak it to add a modern twist! Lets make this mainstream hairstyle one of the best in Plano by adding some side sweeping bangs to complete this look.

Wavy Bob

The traditional Bob is a hairstyle that is loved by many, but we all know sometimes we just need to stand out of the crowd. A wavy Bob with bangs is a perfect look for women with a narrow face or narrow chin. The goal is to add some width to their look by adding bangs that camouflage a large deep forehead.

Get The Look at Our Plano Hair Salon!

If your hair is naturally wavy, this can be an easy hairstyle for you to wear regularly due to your hair’s texture. Our stylists will make sure to layer your hair to draw more attention on your beautiful locks. Never forget to ask our hair stylists for product recommendations depending on how you want to style your hair. This is very important!

You ladies who have naturally straight hair, don’t worry, we have some advise for you, too! Try playing around with a few different size curling wands to create different sizes and texture to your waves. You will want to then apply some extended stay hair spray to hold this wavy bob in place. Always remember to apply the hair spray to the ends of your hair and never the roots for this look. This will keep your hair looking fresh all day long!

Simple Additions to Your Hair to Extend the Look!

Applying a dry shampoo will allow you to wear this look for a few days as it will remain to look fresh. Another easy trick we recommend is to use a satin pillow case at night or wear a hair net. This will reduce the friction and oil to keep your hair looking soft and sexy!

Make sure to contact our stylists today and find out how we can help you achieve this look. You can also request an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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