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3 Bandana Hairstyles That are Perfect for Summer!

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3 Bandana Hairstyles That are Perfect for Summer!

A bandana is a must have accessory this summer. When a bandana is worn properly is brings so much fun and fashion to your look. With that being said, we are going to share 3 summer hairstyles that use a bandana with you.

3 Summer Hairstyles

Low Bun

It’s the time of year to make your bandana a signature accessory to your look. For a  bohemian-like look, try and find a bandana that is colorful and has a some sort of a summery print on it. This headband will pair perfectly with a low bun.

To get this look, first you will want to secure your hair into a low bun and secure it with elastic. Second, fold your bandana into a long strip like shape. Take the bandana from the back on your head to the front and tie it into a knot. The knot will be n the top part of your forehead.

Sleek Hair

You can keep your hair looking sleek and sexy in a bandana. We will tell you how! Sleek hair makes for great summer hairstyles and pairing them with a bandana can jazz it up even more!

To get this sexy look, first straighten your hair. You will want to have your bandana folded into a triangle-like shape. Place the bandana on your head so the tip of the triangle is pointing behind you. tie the two side of the bandana at the nape of your neck. Allow the tip to hang over your hair and let the locks flow out the back!

Top Knot

This is perfect for those who have curly hair and have trouble taming them on the daily. Let the bandana make your life easier! This look is fun and goes without looked outdated. Here’s how to get it.

First secure your hair into a messy top knot. You will want to make sure your bandana into long stripe-like shape about 4 inches wide. Wrap the bandana around your head and tie the two ends into a bow just above your forehead.

Dallas Hair Salon

The bandana can make your summer hairstyles easier than ever! Make sure to come visit us for your next hair appointment and get the treatment your hair deserves. Our Kerastase treatments are perfect to keep your hair in the condition it deserves!

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