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Get Your Hair Ready For Summer!

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Get Your Hair Ready For Summer!

3 Easy Summer Hairstyles

We all know how hot it gets in Texas but that is no excuse for having a bad hair day. Instead of ignoring your strands all together, why don’t you try some one of these 3 easy summer hairstyles. The stylists from our Plano hair salon are going to walk you through each of these hairstyles!


Braids are one of those hairstyles that are easy to love. Seriously, what’s there not to love about braids? They are so versatile and easy to assemble. French braids, boxer braids, fishtail braids, and more, the list goes on. Braids are designed to look imperfect and carefree. Especially with the Plano heat, don’t waste time in front of the mirror trying to tuck away every flyaway, these braids are meant to be simple! Find out what style fits your personality best and say goodbye to a bad hair day.

The Wet Hair Look

Wet hair is making a splash this summer. Don’t worry if you do not want to dive into a pool. You can rock this look confidently and make it seem like you meant to. This style looks great on just about anyone. It’s a great way to hide loose strands or unwanted frizz with the heat and humidity of summer’s in Plano, Texas. Use a wet hairspray or gel and slick that hair back into a ponytail or bun. The looks is classy and again, looks amazing on just about everyone!

The Top Knot

One of the easiest ways to get your hair tied back and away from your face is to put it up in a top knot. This looks is pretty and effortless and to top it off, it gets your hair off your neck to show off your shoulders and give you access to a nice breeze. This look is so versatile you can wear it to the office, a pool party, or even out on the town. You can even incorporate braids into this look to take it to the next level.

Plano Hair Salon

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