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How Brunettes go Rose Gold

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How Brunettes go Rose Gold

What is popular at our North Dallas hair salon? One of the hottest hair color trends of late is rose gold. The dusty pink seems to continue to be the go to upgrade for blondes. Well brunettes, we have great news for you. Chocolate Mauve is here! Chocolate Mauve is a brunettes ticket to the hottest trend of the moment with its blend of rose and violet.

This popular trend is so unique and flattering because it is office-friendly and completely customizable for any type of lifestyle. This trendy shade is so adaptable due to its combinations of pink and red-violet colors.

Get The Look At Your North Dallas Hair Salon

To achieve the Chocolate Mauve, your hairstylist will start with a darker base. If your hair isn’t brunette, we will want to add a chocolatey base color. Following the base shade, we will want to strategically apply highlights to lighten to your desire. Finally, we will apply the toned gloss of pink and red-violet over the highlights.

In order to maintain the vibrancy of colors, you will want to visit our North Dallas hair salon every 4-6 weeks for gloss. We can’t wait to give you this professional and stylish look. Are you ready for Chocolate Mauve?


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