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Long Wavy Side Sweep Gives Feminine Flair

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Long Wavy Side Sweep Gives Feminine Flair

How to achieve a long wavy side sweep!

Are you ready to showoff a flirtatious and sexy look? Our expert stylists have just the look for you. A long wavy side sweep! Side sweep waves have showcased the glamour women have to offer to many years. This high fashion look can be difficult to achieve, but we have the perfect advise for you!

First off, your hair must be at least to your shoulders to be able to pull of this stunning look. This look pairs perfect for a casual dinner or even something as elegant as a black tie event. The long wavy side sweep is sophisticated and elegant while maintaining it’s simplicity.

Get the look!

Our stylists recommend  keeping a wet-look get with you if you’re going to be trying out this look. You can achieve the perfect results with clean or second-day hair. Start by curling one to two inch section from your checks down to your ends with about a one-and-a-half inch curling wand. There is no need to start at the roots for this sexy look. To get the volume and “float” make sure to curl away from the face.

Next, use the arch in your eyebrows as a guide to start your side part. Take a comb and make a deep side combing from your roots.  Take about a quarter size amount of wet gel or mousse and apply on the shallow side of your part-line and spread down toward your ends.

Finally, take a fine tooth comb and smoothen out the sleek side behind the opposite ear and pin your hair in place with some bobby pins at the nape of the neck to hold this look in place. The last step is to finish with a soft-hold hairspray and get out and showoff this flirtatious and sexy look!

Make sure to contact our stylists at our Dallas hair salon for your next appointment! We can’t wait to give you the look and confidence you deserve!


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