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Long Wavy Hair is Rocking The Runway!

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Long Wavy Hair is Rocking The Runway!

We are going to share with you how to achieve long wavy hair. This hairstyle is understated, effortless, and elegant and will add that extra kick to your hairstyle. Get ready to bring your hair front and center with a bouncy look that’s perfect for a night out or a day at the office.

Get the look, Long Wavy Hair.

Not only is this look gorgeous, it is very versatile. Long wavy hair is perfect for a date, an event out, or even sweep your hair to the side for an elegant look. This hairstyle defines versatility. Whether your hair is naturally curl or straight in fine, you can achieve this look and instantly add glamour.

Tools to use

OK ladies, you will want to get a styling wand or a medium sized curling iron. First wrap sections of your hair around the curling iron away from your face. Next grab the end of the curl and lightly pull down on it like your stretching out a slinky. Once you are done, use some flexible hairspray or texturize spray to set the look in place. This look is that simple to achieve and adds so much extra glamour to your hairstyle.

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