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Hot hair color trends for spring and summer

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Hot hair color trends for spring and summer

The hottest looks of the season!

Hot hair color trends for spring and summer are here, and we have great ideas to achieve the best hair color in Dallas!

Hair color is no longer for women to hide grays or brighten up their look with a few highlights. In today’s world hair color is a way to make a statement.

The latest hot hair colors trends for spring and summer are undoubtedly Copper Wave and Nude Beige. These customizable hair colors are perfect for women looking for a more natural sea of rose gold and pastels. These hair colors are bursting into the fashion scene!

What do these hot hair color trends for spring and summer look like?

Nude Beige is ms popular when it comes to shades of blonde this season. Blondes typically come in either warm or cool shades but Nude Beige blends the best of both when it meets in the middle of a warm platinum and a cool ash blonde. This luminous nude hair color highlights women’s facial contours and features that complement nearly every skin tone.

The best part about Nude Beige is our hairstylists can help you achieve this look right here at Gioia Hairdressing. We don’t want our clients to feel left out on an opportunity to have the best hair color in Dallas!

Nude beige is a sexy hair color that is in, but we still have one more to talk about. That hair color is Copper Wave.

Copper Wave is another natural looking hair color that is going to flourish this Spring and Summer. Copper Wave is ideal for women who prefer red shades in their hair and are looking to enhance vibrancy and shine without making any monumental change in their hair color. The copper tint really warms up the hair to make your look perfect for the warmer months.

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