Halloween Hair Care - Survival Tips for Your Strands
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Halloween Hair Care – Survival Tips for Your Strands

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Halloween Hair Care – Survival Tips for Your Strands

Every year it seems that more and more people are ditching the cheesy Halloween wigs and using their own hair to bring the scares. But one of the scariest things about the season is overlooking Halloween hair care. Whether you’re spraying your strands green or back combing them to infinity and beyond, here at Gioia we have the top of the line products you need to repair and soothe your hair after the haunts are over. Everything from hydrating hair masks to massaging scalp treatments, Kerastase products at Gioia Hairdressing are guaranteed to bring your hair back to life!

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But you don’t need to wait until after Halloween has wreaked havoc on your locks to bring them back from the dead. Here are some Halloween hair care tips to proactively protect your hair before the big night:

Halloween Hair Care – Survival Tips

Survival Tip #1: Turn Down the Heat

Hair dryers, flat irons, curling wands; most of us are familiar with the use of hot tools in our every day lives. So come Halloween, we tend to go over the top with our heat styling to help us complete our transformation. Give your hair a break prior to the party by laying off the heat for a couple of days.
Pro Tip: It’s good practice for every day use with hot tools to use a quality thermal protectant when it comes time for styling.

Survival Tip #2: Get Creative with Props

Does your costume require you to pump up the volume with your ‘do? Before you go crazy with the back combing, think of every day items that can help you achieve new heights. Styrofoam, wire, paper cones – these are all excellent, light weight objects that can easily be hidden in your hair to take it to the vertical limit.
Pro Tip: A great alternative to excess teasing is to incorporate volume-boosting products into your everyday routine.

Survival Tip #3: Hydration is Key

Given the amount of wear and tear we put our skin through every day, it seems obvious to care for our canvas by exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing. But what about scalp care? Don’t overlook this important component of overall hair health! Prep for fright night early by using a nourishing scalp treatment or, for everyday use, a revitaizating conditioner.
Pro Tip: Hydration comes from the inside out! Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep the body and the scalp properly hydrated.

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