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Quick Fix for Roots Between Your Salon Visits

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Quick Fix for Roots Between Your Salon Visits

How to hide your roots between salon visits.

Some of you may never miss an appointment, but I’m sure chances are in the last weeks or days leading up to your next salon visit, you are rocking some visible roots. Lets face it, we have all been there and those pesky grays can be the defying factor in a bad hair day. So we are going to share with you some tips and tricks on how to hide that new growth between your visits. We want you to make it though each visit with confidence!

Change the direction of your part

One of the easiest solutions to disguising your roots is to change the direction of your part. Even if you always party your hair down the center, consider trying a flipped-over side part that gives you lots of volume to hide those visible roots. To create that extra volume, lift the hair up at the root and spray small amount of dry shampoo. Your hair will have some xtra lift to it to take the attention away from your roots.

Try a new style

Switching the direction of your part may be easier than trying a completely new hairstyle, but it take so much attention off any visible toots. It’s as easy as just adding some texture to your hair in the form of curls, waves, or simply just spraying texture to disguise those roots.

It’s more than fine to use these tips and tricks in between your Dallas hair salon visits, but we would recommend not prolonging between your appointments. The hair stylists at Gioia Hairdressing look forward to seeing you next time! You can book your next appointment here.

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