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How to Style The Perfect High Ponytail

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How to Style The Perfect High Ponytail

The perfect high ponytail is back with a bang this season. We are seeing this hot trend all over the runway. It’s popularity is due to it’s geometric appeal because it creates a “very strong” feminine shape. This look will accentuate your feminine facial features and will add the wow to finalize your look.

How to Get The Look

At Gioia Hairdressing the hair stylists know a thing or two about modern fashion. Although all of our hair stylists have different ways on doing things, they can all agree on one thing… No matter what, the ponytail is always done best when divided into two different sections.

The High Ponytail

First you will want to create a halo-like section on top of your head and secure it with an elastic hair tie. Next brush the loose hair under the elastic upward toward the head. Be careful and make sure your hair is nice and smooth without interfering with the top section. Brush a soft gel into the loose section to give your hair a sexy sleek look. Then, tie the two sections together with another elastic hair tie.

Finalize The Look

Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic to hide the band. You’ll just need to bobby pin it in place under the first layer so it blends smoothly. A spritz hairspray will help keep this entire look in place. Also, instead of using your own hair to hide the elastic, you can use a piece of textured material to give yourself a more graphic look.

Words From Our Dallas Hair Salon

If you have an ombré and are looking for another way to showoff your color, the high ponytail is a fabulous way to do so. You can pair this sophisticated look with a pair of dazzling dangling earrings, a bright lip color, and some bold eyebrows to really set it off! Our team looks forward to styling you next! Request an appointment today!


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