Go Big AND Go Home - DIY Blowout, Dallas Style Tutorial
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Go Big AND Go Home – DIY Blowout

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Go Big AND Go Home – DIY Blowout

Kick off the fall season right by following our DIY blowout tutorial to get full, lustrous, don’t-hate-me-because-I’m-beautiful hair right in your own home! Pro Tip: This blow dry is ideal to smooth out natural curls into a glamorous shape. As you follow the steps we’ve outlined below, we recommend watching the full video tutorial for reference.


  1. Begin by priming clean, damp hair with a THERMIQUE.
  2. Apply a generous amount of FORME FATALE from roots to ends throughout.
  3. Create a “U” shaped section from the front hairline to the crown and then on the side, create a horizontal section over the ear clipping away the top.
  4. With a round brush slowly blow dry with tension. Roll up to the scalp from roots to ends until dry. When releasing each section, twist the brush out of the hair, leaving it to cool.
  5. When the sides and back are complete. Take a horizontal section from the front. Place your brush on top and blow dry down and away from your face.
  6. Spray LAQUE DENTELLE to define and hold.

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