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Get Rid of Those Unwanted Fallaways

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Get Rid of Those Unwanted Fallaways

Between the hat hair, wind, and the on and off humidity in Texas, flyaways seem to never go away. Our Dallas hair salon has some awesome tips and tricks for you to keep those unwanted hairs tamed. So stop spending 30 minuets to an hour in front of your mirror trying to tame those unwanted strands only for them to act up again. Here’s how to fix them!


Hydration is the key to keeping away the frizz and flyaways during the summer months. There’s nothing worse than when your hair is parched and dehydrated. The best way to go about this is to treat you hair with a hydration routine that constantly conditions your luscious hair. In addition to using conditioner and a hydrating shampoo, our Dallas hair salon recommends using an overnight mask once a week to increase your softness and shine while keeping your hair hydrated.

Take Good Care

Taming your unwanted flyaways starts right when you get out of the shower. Make sure to use a cotton towel to blot and dry your hair to remove the excess water in it. Extra water can be a cause of flyaways on it’s own. You will want to blot your hair because rubbing it will cause extra friction and and breakage. Remember, be gentle!


Constant heat to your hair can cause breakage and unruly strands. Our Dallas hair salon recommends you always use heat protectant products before you style your hair and use and flat irons or blow dryers. This will keep your hair from breaking.

Dallas Hair Salon Tip of the Article

Hairspray may seem like the best way to get rid of unwanted stands but really it isn’t always the best for your hairs health. Our hair stylists have a secret tip to solve your problems. Try using Lumi-Contrôle Wax from L’Oréal Professionnel. We recomend using a dime size dab to get the job done.

Say goodbye to fallaways and schedule your next appointment today!


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