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Color Trend: Copper Contouring

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Color Trend: Copper Contouring

Copper contour is the hottest trend of any copper hair color. It has held it’s place at the top of the fashion industry because of it’s effortless look and ability to make people stand out from the crowd. This look goes way beyond just finding the right hue. By strategically placing high and low lights throughout the hair, our stylists are able to take this look to the net level by enhancing facial features with the right hair colors.

For example, a rectangular face shape can typically be accommodated by rounding out your hairstyle. In the case of pursuing copper contour, our stylists would strategically place lighter colors around the hairline to highlight cheekbones and soften the corners of the face.

Copper Contour

Cooper contouring is a way of customizing beauty. We never see two redheads that are the same. Adding the right tone brings a creaminess to the complexion. Our stylists at our Plano hair salon will advise you on how much color to add to your hairstyle. We will ask you if you want your hair color to whisper, talk or shout. No matter what you decide, we can get the look achieved right here at our Plano hair salon.

The Perfect Look

Our hair stylists will choose the perfects hair colors based on your skin tone. Typically with reds, it’s about finding the best undertone for your skin. Our hair stylists would recommend someone with a lighter skin complexion to try more violate tones. That would mean someone with warmer complexion would go with warmer shades of copper. With our amazing hair color products from L’Oreal Professionnel, our hair stylists can dig deep to get a wonderful reflection off your skin. We want you to feel sexy, luxe, modern, and classic all at the same time!

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