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Why We Love Dark Brows and Blonde Hair!

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Why We Love Dark Brows and Blonde Hair!

Don’t think rocking blonde hair and dark brows is a look of the past. This look is one of the most stunning and popular trends in the industry. A lot of celebrities and people in the beauty industry are reliving looks from the past, especially the 90’s. The stylists at our Dallas hair salon want to give you four reasons why blonde hair and dark eyebrows is the perfect winning combination.

Reason 1 – It’s striking!

When your brow and hair color is the exact same, it will look very natural but it can also look washed out. This is especially true when you compare light hair color with fair brows. Our expert hair stylists have found when contrasting these two colors, the attention is immediately drawn to your face, and we definitely love that! We want to store the confidence in your personality to pull this off!

Reason 2 – Anyone can pull it off!

Anyone can try this trend and that is another big reason why we love it so much. We believe any women can wear any color due to the fact that anyone can have a different skin tone. No matter what your color choice is for your hair or brows, we just want to make sure it is complementary to each other. If you have any questions about that, ask one of our hair color experts.

Reason 3 – You can control your blonde hair to your dark brows.

There is more than one variations you can choose for this color scheme. The best part is, you can control what you want no matter if you just want a simple color change or want as much intensity as possible.

Reason 4 – It’s easy to maintain.

Despite what you may think, treating colored hair isn’t as hard and time consuming as you may think. We can always touch you up with our world class products from Kerastae and L’Oreal Professionnel and we also have advice for in between appointments. Think of it like this, since this look is a summer trend, treat your hair like your skin if you we’re outside. Keep a hat on and keep your hair moisturized. This will keep you hair looking soft and shinny.

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