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2 Ways to Liven up Your Ponytail

Ponytails are such an easy hairstyle to achieve. Lots of women use a ponytail on a daily basis. Our North Dallas hair stylists have some tips on how to liven up your hairstyle. Here are two ways you can upgrade your look.

Sleek & Smooth Ponytail

It’s easy, start by pulling your hair back into a high ponytail. We think smooth ponytails look best when it is high on the head. To smoothen the lengths of your hair, use some nourishing oil from L’Oreal Professionnel and run it through your hair. To take it a step further, you can grab your flat iron and go over it until your hair in straight and silky. Finally, finish with a light layer hairspray.

Full & Bouncy Ponytail

For a full and bouncy look, we recommend that you pull your ponytail at the middle of the back of your head. Once your hair is secure, apply some hairspray and curl the ends with a 3 inch curling wand. Once the curls have cooled, take a wide tooth comb and tease the ends. Finally, add a light layer of hairspray.

Your North Dallas Hair Salon

Gioia Hairdressing is proudly serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Request your next appointment with us to get the best service in the area. Our top-notch salon is one-of-a-kind, and our stylists are looking forward to seeing you soon!


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Color Trend: Copper Contouring

Copper contour is the hottest trend of any copper hair color. It has held it’s place at the top of the fashion industry because of it’s effortless look and ability to make people stand out from the crowd. This look goes way beyond just finding the right hue. By strategically placing high and low lights throughout the hair, our stylists are able to take this look to the net level by enhancing facial features with the right hair colors.

For example, a rectangular face shape can typically be accommodated by rounding out your hairstyle. In the case of pursuing copper contour, our stylists would strategically place lighter colors around the hairline to highlight cheekbones and soften the corners of the face.

Copper Contour

Cooper contouring is a way of customizing beauty. We never see two redheads that are the same. Adding the right tone brings a creaminess to the complexion. Our stylists at our Plano hair salon will advise you on how much color to add to your hairstyle. We will ask you if you want your hair color to whisper, talk or shout. No matter what you decide, we can get the look achieved right here at our Plano hair salon.

The Perfect Look

Our hair stylists will choose the perfects hair colors based on your skin tone. Typically with reds, it’s about finding the best undertone for your skin. Our hair stylists would recommend someone with a lighter skin complexion to try more violate tones. That would mean someone with warmer complexion would go with warmer shades of copper. With our amazing hair color products from L’Oreal Professionnel, our hair stylists can dig deep to get a wonderful reflection off your skin. We want you to feel sexy, luxe, modern, and classic all at the same time!

We look forward to seeing you at your next hair appointment! Contact us today for availability.


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Top Hair Salon in Plano

Plano is a city that is full with choices. No matter if you’re looking for entertainment, food or fashion, you will always have several options to choose form. When it comes to choosing a hair salon, we want to ensure you that Gioia Hairdressing is the hair salon to go to in Plano and here is why.

The Stylists

The hair stylists at Gioia Hairdressing are inspired by modern fashion. They have decades of experience working in high end salons in Europe. Led by an expert group of Italians, Gioia Hairdressing has a culture and salon experience that is one-of-a-kind. The stylists at Gioia deliver results that speak for themselves. There’s a reason we have had clients coming back for more than 20 years!

The Salon

Gioia Hairdressing is a state-of-the-art facility. Our modern concept makes our Plano hair salon one of the most unique salons in the metroplex. In addition to our prestige facility, we only carry the world’s best hair products to give our clients get the best results. We are an exclusive Kerastase hair salon partner and also work with the best products form L’Oreal Professionnel.

The Location

Located at 19009 Preston Rd #205, Dallas, TX 75252, we are conveniently located for those in North Dallas, Plano, Frisco and other surrounding locations. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

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A Classic Hairstyle with an Updated Look!

The hair stylists at our Plano hair salon are going to teach you how to take the classic wavy Bob and tweak it to add a modern twist! Lets make this mainstream hairstyle one of the best in Plano by adding some side sweeping bangs to complete this look.

Wavy Bob

The traditional Bob is a hairstyle that is loved by many, but we all know sometimes we just need to stand out of the crowd. A wavy Bob with bangs is a perfect look for women with a narrow face or narrow chin. The goal is to add some width to their look by adding bangs that camouflage a large deep forehead.

Get The Look at Our Plano Hair Salon!

If your hair is naturally wavy, this can be an easy hairstyle for you to wear regularly due to your hair’s texture. Our stylists will make sure to layer your hair to draw more attention on your beautiful locks. Never forget to ask our hair stylists for product recommendations depending on how you want to style your hair. This is very important!

You ladies who have naturally straight hair, don’t worry, we have some advise for you, too! Try playing around with a few different size curling wands to create different sizes and texture to your waves. You will want to then apply some extended stay hair spray to hold this wavy bob in place. Always remember to apply the hair spray to the ends of your hair and never the roots for this look. This will keep your hair looking fresh all day long!

Simple Additions to Your Hair to Extend the Look!

Applying a dry shampoo will allow you to wear this look for a few days as it will remain to look fresh. Another easy trick we recommend is to use a satin pillow case at night or wear a hair net. This will reduce the friction and oil to keep your hair looking soft and sexy!

Make sure to contact our stylists today and find out how we can help you achieve this look. You can also request an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Long Wavy Side Sweep Gives Feminine Flair

How to achieve a long wavy side sweep!

Are you ready to showoff a flirtatious and sexy look? Our expert stylists have just the look for you. A long wavy side sweep! Side sweep waves have showcased the glamour women have to offer to many years. This high fashion look can be difficult to achieve, but we have the perfect advise for you!

First off, your hair must be at least to your shoulders to be able to pull of this stunning look. This look pairs perfect for a casual dinner or even something as elegant as a black tie event. The long wavy side sweep is sophisticated and elegant while maintaining it’s simplicity.

Get the look!

Our stylists recommend  keeping a wet-look get with you if you’re going to be trying out this look. You can achieve the perfect results with clean or second-day hair. Start by curling one to two inch section from your checks down to your ends with about a one-and-a-half inch curling wand. There is no need to start at the roots for this sexy look. To get the volume and “float” make sure to curl away from the face.

Next, use the arch in your eyebrows as a guide to start your side part. Take a comb and make a deep side combing from your roots.  Take about a quarter size amount of wet gel or mousse and apply on the shallow side of your part-line and spread down toward your ends.

Finally, take a fine tooth comb and smoothen out the sleek side behind the opposite ear and pin your hair in place with some bobby pins at the nape of the neck to hold this look in place. The last step is to finish with a soft-hold hairspray and get out and showoff this flirtatious and sexy look!

Make sure to contact our stylists at our Dallas hair salon for your next appointment! We can’t wait to give you the look and confidence you deserve!


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How Brunettes go Rose Gold

What is popular at our North Dallas hair salon? One of the hottest hair color trends of late is rose gold. The dusty pink seems to continue to be the go to upgrade for blondes. Well brunettes, we have great news for you. Chocolate Mauve is here! Chocolate Mauve is a brunettes ticket to the hottest trend of the moment with its blend of rose and violet.

This popular trend is so unique and flattering because it is office-friendly and completely customizable for any type of lifestyle. This trendy shade is so adaptable due to its combinations of pink and red-violet colors.

Get The Look At Your North Dallas Hair Salon

To achieve the Chocolate Mauve, your hairstylist will start with a darker base. If your hair isn’t brunette, we will want to add a chocolatey base color. Following the base shade, we will want to strategically apply highlights to lighten to your desire. Finally, we will apply the toned gloss of pink and red-violet over the highlights.

In order to maintain the vibrancy of colors, you will want to visit our North Dallas hair salon every 4-6 weeks for gloss. We can’t wait to give you this professional and stylish look. Are you ready for Chocolate Mauve?


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Layered hair is the secret to adding soft volume.

Layered hair changed the game for women’s fashion. It allows hairstylists to add bounce and dimension to their clients hairstyle. The look has so much versatility because it can be worn up or down, wavy or straight. Layered hair offers a ton of options for day-to-day hairstyling.

Our hairstylists know the best way to tweak layers to get our clients a light and airy shape that flows with ease. If you have fine hair to beginning with, this look can make it appear thicker. If you have thick hair, we can make your hairstyle appear thinner. The best part about this cut is it can do both. So make sure to come visit our Plano hair salon!

Long Layered Hair; Get The Look at our Plano Hair Salon!

The first steps in achieving this look is to apply frizz protection to damp hair and the blow dry in sections with a big barrel bristle brush. We definitely don’t want any stranglers hanging out of your head. Note, if you have super fine hair, we recommend applying texturizer at the roots before blow drying. This will essentially give some body to your hair. Make sure you add movement by twisting your brush as your hair is drying to give yourself some soft waves. For even more volume, blow dry your hair from the crown up and back from the top of your head.

What we recommend at our Plano hair salon!

You will want to check in with us every six weeks or so to freshen up the layers so you can maintain a healthy head of hair. We want to treat the dead ends or simply advise another hairstyle. We believe your hairstyle should change like wardrobe. Most women don’t use the same accessories in the summer as they do in the winter, we believe the same goes for your hairstyle. Contact us today about scheduling your next appointment. We look forward to seeing you at our Plano hair salon!


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What’s Trending: Vintage Hair Accessories

Let the hunt for antique treasures begin! Vintage hair accessories aren’t just for the latest runways of Alexander McQueen and Versace. Whether just a means to keep your hair in place or an added unique flair to your ‘do, these must have pieces are starting to show up right here in the streets of Dallas, TX.

The best part is that you won’t need an invitation to the next gala event to sport any of these looks. A gemstone headband can easily dress up a plain white t-shirt along with other casual pieces. A petite hair comb set with pearls doesn’t necessarily have to be for brides only. Pair it with a messy up do and a sleek, black dress for a night on the town look. Whether applied on wash-and-go hair, crazy curls or straight strands, any hair type is the perfect partner for these accessories.

If you find yourself on a budget, you don’t have to solely rely on what’s available in stores to complete your salute to antiques. As it goes with clothes and shoes, buying off the rack can tend to get pricey. As an alternative, hit up your local craft supply store and let you imagination run wild. Grab some interesting patterned ribbon or lace that can be wrapped around a headband. Hot glue an array of gaudy beads to a barrette. Attach grandma’s brooch to a bobby pin.

Let your creativity flow! Show us your DIY vintage hair accessories on Facebook and Twitter!

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The Best Hair Color in Dallas

Fall is full of a variety of makeup trends like contouring, strobing, and highlighting just to name a few. Some of these styles are making their way to the hair industry. In a way, hair color is like makeup for your hair. Gioia Hairdressing is the destination for the best hair color in Dallas. Here are three styles our salon can offer to get you that hair color you’ve always wanted:

Flash Luminizer

Are your hair strands looking a little dull and faded? Don’t worry, here is what we can do to help you get that healthy shine you deserve. This Flash Luminizer service will leave your locks glossy and luminous.

Tone Neutralizer

Does your hair turn yellow or brassy overtime? Having a tone neutralizer done is the perfect solution for you. This result will have people turning their heads at your beautifully neutralized hair.

Color Sculptor

This service is for women who want a complete 360 degree change in their hair. It’s the best way for women who are looking to re-grow their hair in a dramatic way through different processes that can create color blocking and dark contrast.

The Best Hair Color in Dallas

Come visit our stylists at the best hair salon in Dallas to take advantage of these amazing hair color options. In today’s world, hair color is like the new make up. Request an appointment today!

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Why We Love Dark Brows and Blonde Hair!

Don’t think rocking blonde hair and dark brows is a look of the past. This look is one of the most stunning and popular trends in the industry. A lot of celebrities and people in the beauty industry are reliving looks from the past, especially the 90’s. The stylists at our Dallas hair salon want to give you four reasons why blonde hair and dark eyebrows is the perfect winning combination.

Reason 1 – It’s striking!

When your brow and hair color is the exact same, it will look very natural but it can also look washed out. This is especially true when you compare light hair color with fair brows. Our expert hair stylists have found when contrasting these two colors, the attention is immediately drawn to your face, and we definitely love that! We want to store the confidence in your personality to pull this off!

Reason 2 – Anyone can pull it off!

Anyone can try this trend and that is another big reason why we love it so much. We believe any women can wear any color due to the fact that anyone can have a different skin tone. No matter what your color choice is for your hair or brows, we just want to make sure it is complementary to each other. If you have any questions about that, ask one of our hair color experts.

Reason 3 – You can control your blonde hair to your dark brows.

There is more than one variations you can choose for this color scheme. The best part is, you can control what you want no matter if you just want a simple color change or want as much intensity as possible.

Reason 4 – It’s easy to maintain.

Despite what you may think, treating colored hair isn’t as hard and time consuming as you may think. We can always touch you up with our world class products from Kerastae and L’Oreal Professionnel and we also have advice for in between appointments. Think of it like this, since this look is a summer trend, treat your hair like your skin if you we’re outside. Keep a hat on and keep your hair moisturized. This will keep you hair looking soft and shinny.

Come see us at our Dallas hair salon

The hair experts at Gioia Hairdressing look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!


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